Sail in the ionian islands

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Check in at 10:00

Upon waking up, a shiver of excitement runs through me. The Day Charter in the Ionian Islands is waiting for me, ready to give me a unique experience. I board the majestic sailboat, ready to sail the seas and discover hidden treasures.

Navigation between the islands towards stunning bays

The jagged coast opens up in front of my eyes, offering breathtaking views that touch the soul. Secret bays are revealed, bathed in crystalline waters that invite you to immerse yourself in a regenerating embrace. The enchantment of this unspoiled land captivates me, leaving an indelible mark on my heart.


Sailing is a symphony of emotions. The wind caressing the face, the sound of the waves rocking the boat, the feeling of freedom spreading within me. I join the rhythm of nature, dancing in harmony with the sea and the blue sky.

Exploration with the SUP

Paddleboarding (SUP) added a touch of adventure to my day on a boat in the Ionian Islands. Gliding on the crystal clear sea while balancing on the board was an experience of absolute freedom. Exploring hidden bays and coves with the SUP brought me closer to nature and enriched my trip.

Moments of relax

The times of relaxation while on board are as scarce and valuable as pearls. I let myself be soothed by the gentle rocking of the boat, while smiling and sharing laughs. These connections, formed between the sea and the sky, become a cherished treasure that I will forever hold dear.

Breathtaking horizons

When the sun approaches the horizon, magic spreads in the air. Warm, golden lights create an enchanting scenario, giving me a last framed view. I look back, grateful for having lived such an intense adventure. Every moment on a sailing boat in the Ionian Islands was a gift, an opening towards beauty, tranquility, and connection with nature.

End of the beautiful day

Don't miss the opportunity to nourish your soul with authentic emotions. Book your Day Charter to the Ionian Islands today and let yourself be taken on a journey that will leave a lasting mark on your soul.

We are here!

Alekou Panagouli, Lefkada 311 00

For further information, you can contact us without obligation via WhatsApp by calling +39 327 0155051, or by filling out the form and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Christian P.
Basic sailing course I°
Leggi Tutto
Basic sailing course I° We had a splendid weekend! Sara and Mario are both very professional and didactic but at the same time approachable, allowing for a relaxed and peaceful approach to learning. This also enabled a convivial and pleasant atmosphere on board with previously unknown people. We particularly appreciated the planning of the navigation phases (weather conditions, nautical chart reading and mooring techniques), the safe use of the tender (even though my wife handled it...) as well as the aperitif based on arrosticini.
Paola G.
Cabin Charter
Leggi Tutto
To say that Sarah and Mario were fantastic is an understatement! They were competent, professional, yet passionate and friendly, making this vacation even more beautiful than I had imagined (and I had high expectations, mind you!). Between fun boat trips, night rides on the tender, evenings anchored under the stars, aperitifs with sea urchins and fresh wine... and with the help of dreamy locations, we lived a week that I will hardly forget! Thank you, guys!...I think we'll see each other again soon.
Barcolana 48
Leggi Tutto
Barcolana 2016 with Sarah & Mario! Participating in one of the most beautiful regattas in the world is already a stroke of luck. But I assure you that being able to do it with Sarah, Mario and their wonderful boat was an unforgettable "luxury"...!!! Mario is an extremely experienced skipper, calm, smiling, and always available...!!! Sarah won my full trust when she presented herself to my daughter, who was participating for the first time, as her "guardian angel". For me, this is pure luxury!!! So Sarah and Mario are a guarantee. The only downside: their two mascots were missing - their dog and their son, who's already a mini skipper... So the conclusion is: highly recommended and to be repeated!